Can Nonprofits Support the Rebuilding of the Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure?

January 9, 2017; Keene Sentinel

The future of a rusting New Hampshire pedestrian bridge is now less certain because the nonprofit founded to maintain it is closing due to declining membership. The Chesterfield Arch Bridge Beautification & Preservation Society was founded in 2009 to preserve and improve the rare steel bridge. The nonprofit got off to a strong start, enlisting 40 members, building benches, and launching a formal dedication of the bridge to Justice Harlan Fiske Stone a year later, according to a Keene Sentinel story. But in a cash-strapped state with more than 8,000 nonprofits, the Society’s membership has dwindled to just six people after others left frustrated at the NH Department of Transportation’s inability to pitch and help. It’s clear that the country’s transportation infrastructure is at a tipping point.

Black Lives Matter & the Road Ahead

Black Lives Matter protestors will be reimbursed for bail and legal fees after being arrested last summer following the death of Alton Sterling. But after the election, what comes next for the movement?