What Do Donors Want?

Some advocates or “thought leaders” appear to believe that if they repeat often enough that donors are overwhelmingly interested in metrics and outcomes, that it will eventually be true. This classic article, published by NPQ in 2010, took a uniquely clear eyed look at the research and found a much more nuanced reality. It was our most read article in 2010 but we wished more people had paid attention to it then and urge everyone to take another look now.

Why Every Foundation Should Fund Infrastructure

You can download a PDF version of this article here .The upward trend in the number of foundations providing support for building the capacity of their individual grantees, however, has not been accompanied by a parallel level of interest in supporting the organizations providing this capacity-building assistance. These oganizations are the intermediaries working at the local, state, regional, or national levels that offer management support, advocacy, data, training, technical assistance, and other services to grantees and thousands of other nonprofits that benefit from them.