A Big Gift to General Fund of RI Community Foundation: Timing Can Be Everything

Anyone who knows today’s community foundations knows that a gift given into the general fund has increasingly become a vote of confidence in that institution. This reflects a new landscape where many community foundations are dominated by their donor-advised funds. This makes the latest big gift to the R.I. community foundation very special indeed.

Four Big Donor Lessons from the Big Apple Circus

Is crowdfunding an effective response to the self-inflicted wounds of even the most popular nonprofits? Here are four things to consider, pulled directly from the ashes and rebirth of the animal-friendly Big Apple Circus.

Climate Change Threatens Indigenous Alaskans’ Way of Life

Melting polar ice, the retreat of glaciers, rising sea levels and the consequent flooding of coastal communities, increasing storm intensity, crop failures, damaged infrastructure, and endangered plant and animal species are among the threats to a way of life that has endured for thousands of years.