Mission, Message, and Damage Control

This article, in our opinion, sets the standard for communications in a crisis. It is a practical, strategic, and comprehensive guide for the ways in which boards need to communicate with stakeholders when something goes wrong. It should be absolutely required reading for ALL boards.

Talking About Taxes

As we march toward the fiscal cliff, everyone knows that tax reform is on the table in negotiations between President Obama, the Democratic Senate, and the Republican House of Representatives. For a perspective on the importance of the content of taxes for nonprofits, we are pleased to again present this important perspective by Kim Klein of Klein & Roth Consulting that should make nonprofits consider their stake in the tax reform debate. What are they willing to push for and to give up—if anything—in the context of responding to sequestration and dealing with the nation’s budget deficit?

Asking the Right Person for the Right Amount

We are heading into a heavy fundraising season, how do you make every ask count to the utmost? In this article from our archives, the guru Kim Klein reintroduces us to wrong and right ways to make “the ask.”

Nonprofits and Taxes

Taxes support vital services that are central to the health of our communities and the work we do, so why are nonprofits so passive when it comes to taxes?