Planned Parenthood & Tumblr: Nimble Nonprofits Need Online Engagement

Online giving and engagement continues to increase, especially among younger generations born into a tech-driven world. As millennials and other young activists, donors, and volunteers call for more time-efficient and user-friendly options for engagement, organizations are making wise investments to stay afloat during this demographic shift.


Trucking Industry Aims to Shift Gears on Sex Trafficking

Some truck stops along interstates have been documented as also serving as sex trafficking sites. One organization is working to empower truck drivers and truck stop employees to recognize the signs of trafficking, transitioning the trucking industry from perpetrator to hero.


First Lady’s Plan to Educate Girls Embraces Cultural Shifts

Gender parity has slowly improved over the years, especially in regard to educational attainment for young girls around the world. As a part of a collaborative initiative with multiple agencies, First Lady Michelle Obama has embarked on an international tour to empower women and girls to advocate for letting more girls learn.