Why We Care About NPQ

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Caitlin Virtue: Free Knowledge

Caitlin Virtue, Director of Development at Wikimedia Foundation
“Like many of those who work in the nonprofit sector, I believe in making a difference for everyone. I know that I’m positively impacting my family and those around me by being an active participant in my local community, but I work here because I know I have a global impact as well.”

Melinda Myers: Empowering Families

Melinda Myers, COO/Program Manager at thread
I remember times when I would have to take children into State’s custody. As I held them, I would think to myself, “if only I could have connected with you and your family earlier, we could have potentially worked together to get you the support you needed to avoid this.” After these experiences, I pursued nonprofit work in the early childhood field so I could work with others who were passionate about helping parents with young children get a good start.

Jerelyn Rodriguez: The Key to Success

Jerelyn Rodriguez, Co-Founder and CEO at The Knowledge House
” Bridging the education to employment gap is the first step in alleviating poverty in the South Bronx, the poorest congressional district in the nation. If we can start moving the needle in the South Bronx, we can scale this model to similar communities nationwide. We have a ways to go, but I am motivated.”

Lesli LeGras: Fighting for a Community

Lesli LeGras, Director of Education, Coalition for Responsible Community Development
” I was born and raised in South LA. I love this community and I feel like I am a part of it: I know my way around it, I know the local businesses, and I know the local nonprofits. That really drives my feeling like I am participating in this work as a community member, not somebody that happened to get a job in this community.”

Elizabeth T. Boris, PhD:

Elizabeth T. Boris, PhD, Institute Fellow Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy Urban Institute
“I’m privileged in being able to use my skills for something that matters and I sort of imbibe the values of the nonprofit sector.”

Shana Brodnax: A Safe Place for Girls

Shana Brodnax, Chief Program Officer, PACE Center for Girls
” I have a strong community of friends and colleagues and other leaders who have, over the years, helped me to stay grounded. They help me stay focused on what I’m trying to do in a way that makes me understand that I’m part of a larger effort that lots of smart people are engaging in. I’m not the first, I’m not the last, I’m not the only.”

Jarell Skinner-Roy: Addressing the Unjust Outcomes of Systemic inequities

Jarell Skinner-Roy, Program Manager at College Possible

While we are helping students navigate and address longstanding systemic inequities that make earning a college degree very challenging, we are clear with them and ourselves that we are not saving anyone. Our students are not broken and certainly do not need to be fixed in any way. At College Possible, we are about empowering students and opening up any and all opportunities for them to pursue their dreams.