As NPQ has written repeatedly, nonprofit governance is larger than the board of directors but inclusive of it. This reality has come home to roost as communication between stakeholder groups has become easier. In light of the capacity of nonprofits to reimagine their whole governance system, where the board fits has become a major question for the future.

These particular pieces include feature articles on governance practice, newswires that discuss trends in governance or cautionary tales based on current cases (these are usually part of a series), and a webinar. All of these were first published this year but not only are they among many others published in 2015 that are insightful and useful, but NPQ’s archives also include articles published previously that have only gained readership year over year—so if these interest you, look back!


  1. BoardSource’s 2014 Governance Index: Is Your Board “Normal”?
  2. The Face of Nonprofit Boards: A Network Problem
  3. Why Board Engagement in Advocacy Is Essential
  4. Nonprofit Fraud: It’s a People Problem, So Combat It with Governance
  5. 1 + 1 = 10: Community Governance for Democracy
  6. Nonprofit Governance and the Power of Things
  7. Righting Governance Gone Rogue in the American Psychological Association: The Torture Scandal
  8. Court of Appeals to Directors of Nonprofits: “Nonprofit” Does Not Mean “No Risk for You”
  9. How Board Members Can Learn to Spot Red Flags


  1. Sweet Briar College Board Calls Time, Only to Have Stakeholders Call Foul
  2. Sweet Briar Names New Board, New President, and New Chair—Teresa Tomlinson
  3. 20/20 Hindsight: A Cautionary Tale in Governance
  4. Big Asset Base, Vague Governance: A Recipe for Neglect at the Urban Child Institute
  5. Musical Chairs on the Board of California Performing Arts Center


  1. Nonprofit Governance’s New Frontier: Empowered and Connected Stakeholders