• Gayle

    I am completely on board with board advocacy. And then…
    For many board members, this is a totally new skill set. If we want board members to participate, then we need to build in training and coaching to enable them to be effective and to feel rewarded by participating in advocacy activities. As those of us who find ourselves frequently in the trenches on public policy advocacy know, there are lots of setback and roadblocks that can be discouraging to many people and leave them frustrated and bitter about their participation.
    Also, boards need to be savvy about the many rules about lobbying, from considering whether to elect the 501(h) safe harbor to what the definition, registration and reporting requirements are for lobbyists within their states or at the federal level, both on legislative lobbying and executive branch lobbying.
    So yes, we need to encourage board members to be engaged, but that doesn’t let us off the hook from making sure they have the tools, knowledge and skills to be effective and rewarded for taking up yet another task.