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Over many decades, the nonprofit sector has been besieged with advice concerning its board structures, and too much of it has been based on false precepts about how ideal nonprofit boards should look and act. This has led to a great deal of board underperformance—and even outright dysfunction. As a result, nonprofits have become increasingly thoughtful about how form fits function and intent in these important bodies. This allows us all to consider and tailor board design more consciously, but to do this, we need to understand structural design principles.

There are some real insights in BoardSource’s 2017 “Leading with Intent” study about what is happening in the structures of boards and what effect these changes are having. Among other things, you will find out:

  • if board size is changing
  • if the use of standing committees is changing and how
  • what kinds of boards are meeting on what kinds of schedules
  • what matters to board members and executives in board management and behavior

…and much more.