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For many nonprofits, recruiting board members is an exercise lacking not only in vision but in common sense. The truth is that nonprofits have been sold something of a bill of goods when it comes to board recruitment, and this results in some all-too-familiar problems that repeat not only in the sector overall, but in the same organizations over and over again.

About the speakers:

Vernetta Walker is vice president of programs and chief governance officer for BoardSource. She has worked with many national and international nonprofit organizations addressing a wide range of governance issues, from how to start a nonprofit organization, to improving board engagement and performance, to restructuring complex entities. 

Anasuya Sengupta has been on the board of the Nonprofit Quarterly since August 2015. Her work so far has included supporting and strengthening free knowledge, human rights and social justice movements, and communities of practice. Most recently, she created and headed the Grantmaking department (now Community Engagement) at the Wikimedia Foundation, supporting Wikimedia communities worldwide in their efforts to create and enable free and open knowledge. Before that, Anasuya was the Regional Program Director for Asia and the Pacific Islands at the Global Fund for Women, one of the world’s largest grantmaking organizations exclusively for women’s human rights.