February 2, 2011; Source: Courant.com | The NPQ Newswire last week covered the story of Robert Burton, the enraged donor who wanted to rescind his $3 million donation to University of Connecticut after the institution hired a football coach he was not happy with.

This week finds the state's governor and incoming UConn president somewhat sanguine about the situation pointing to the strength of the relationship between the institution and this longtime donor. This blog posting from the Hartford Courant sounds like someone has been coaching all involved about their communications, which is basically all embodied in the following statement by Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy:

"Mr. Burton has had a long relationship with the university, which has been in a damaged state for a relatively short period of time. Why don't we all . . . take occasion to find out whether we can get to the heart of the matter and improve the relationship?"

Sounds very copacetic and appropriate for our hoped for new more civil era.—Ruth McCambridge