March 24, 2011; Source: Los Angeles Times | Protesters showed up outside a charity event at an Islamic community center in Yorba Linda, Calif. last February. Among those who showed up at the rally – at least partially organized by the Tea Party – was Deborah Pauly, a councilwoman in nearby Villa Park, a well off and conservative community in Orange County.

Pauly’s behavior at the event has been called into question after videos of her were released where she was heard saying, “What’s going on over there . . . its pure unadulterated evil.” She goes on to say in the video, “I know a few marines who will help these terrorists to an early meeting in paradise.”

The video is torturous viewing, visually reminiscent of anti-school desegregation protests. Families with children could be seen entering the hall while the crowd chants and boos, urging attendees to “go home, go home, go home!”

What was this vile charity event? A fundraiser for women’s shelters and food for the homeless. Thankfully, many of Pauly’s constituents do not want to be represented in this way and hundreds of them came to the city council meeting on Tuesday night to demand her resignation. She responded to their concern by calling their gathering “an act of terrorism in our city.” Pauly blames the uproar on the Council of American-Islamic Relations who released the video saying that her comments were selectively edited. CAIR also released full text of her speech.

Pauly says now that her comments were directed at two of the speakers and that she regrets not making that more clear. This is not the first time Pauly has created a firestorm around herself. When the Health Care Reform act was passed she wrote on her Facebook page that applauding the bill was “like applauding a mugging or a rape. Do you feel sodomized?”

CAIR-LA released a statement detailing what happened here.

Pauly is also First Vice Chair of the Republican Party in Orange County. She describes herself as a blend of Tea Partier and establishment Republican. Fellow members of Orange County’s Republican Leadership seem to be weakly supporting Pauly’s right to speak freely, but even some of her Tea Party Colleagues say that her message may not be optimal.—Ruth McCambridge