January 26, 2011; Source: KASA.com | In Albuquerque, you might say that crime does pay. In fact, the local Crimestoppers chapter, which provides reward money to tipsters, is doing such gang-busters business that it's out of money.

"We saw a tremendous spike – about 40 percent – in the number of tips we were getting, and the number of fugitives we were putting in custody – directly related to the city's property crime initiative," Albuquerque Crimestoppers Board member Pat Davis said. The nonprofit usually raises $75,000 a year to cover costs, including rewards. But according to KRQE, the group says it will need to raise $100,000 this year.

For now, it's broke. Albuquerque Mayor R.J. Berry said the city can't afford to let Crimestoppers go under, however. "The fact that we have people being proactive to help us make Albuquerque be a better place and a safer place, I'll take that problem any day," he said. The Mayor called on city residents to help out with donations. It would be criminal for people to do otherwise now.—Bruce Trachtenberg