January 19, 2012; Source: Herald-Tribune | David Miller will be celebrating his 50th birthday on October 30th this year in quite an extraordinary way; he will begin a bicycle trip through all 50 states for charity. Miller has taken a sabbatical from his consultant position at a health and fitness club for the project, which he has titled “Bike 50 at 50.”

In the Herald-Tribune, Miller stated, “Most guys who are 50 years old have a bunch of obligations, but I’m not a typical 50-year-old. I’ve never been married and don’t have kids, so in terms of responsibilities, I don’t have constraints. Because I felt that I had a certain privilege of being able to do this, I also felt like I had a responsibility to find a way to give something back through the project.”

The four charities Miller selected to give back to all hold a special place in the cyclist’s heart. He chose the Cancer Research Institute and the American Heart Association since his mother battled cancer twice. He also chose Kadima, a nonprofit that assists developmentally disabled youth in Mexico City, where Miller lived for 16 years, and the Nature Conservatory.

Cross-country bicycle trips are becoming an increasingly popular, particularly through organizations like Bike & Build and Bike Across America. These programs offer a healthy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to see the country. As for Miller, his cross-country adventure will conclude with a ferry ride to Alaska and a flight to Hawaii, and he won’t be alone; he’s bringing his dog, Max, who will be riding in a trailer designed just for him.

“I’ve always liked the Nike ‘Just Do It!’ slogan,” Miller said. “My campaign is ‘Just Do Something’—get off the couch. I want people to think, ‘If this guy can bike 50 states, I can walk 50 yards.’” NPQ hopes Miller’s call to do something inspires others to stay active and give back. –Aine Creedon