November 16, 2010; Source: Dayton Daily News | Add the Urban League of Dayton, Ohio to the growing list of nonprofits taking draconian measures to keep operating. According to the Dayton Daily News, the group recently laid off seven administrative workers—one-third of staff—to save $200,000 from next year’s budget.

Because the group didn’t provide what next year’s budget will be, the paper reviewed the League’s tax filing for 2008, the most recent one available. Records show that the group only raised $3.5 million of its $3.8 million in expenses that year.

In addition to paring its current payroll, the Urban League canceled its upcoming annual fundraising gala due to poor ticket sales. The group, however, isn’t relying on cutting alone to stay afloat. It is making plans to launch what it calls the Gift of Giving. According to CEO and President Kim Carter, the campaign will encourage community members to support the Urban League through memberships, volunteering, and donations.

Carter, who only became the group’s chief executive three weeks ago, acknowledged the challenges it faces but said, “we are going to do our best” to meet them. Urban League officials say its cost-cutting and revenue generating measures are key to its ability to continue serving some 4,000 families annually.—Bruce Trachtenberg