NE Skinny Dip
Image Source: Lindsey Parnaby

September 21, 2014;BBC News, “Tyne & Wear”

With all of the discussion in the wake of the ice bucket challenge about what motivates people to take part in charitable events, we bring you some firsthand testimony from those taking part in the North East Skinny Dip at Druridge Bay in Northumberland in the UK.

Benefitting from the event will be The National Trust, which oversees a portion of the beach, and MIND, a mental health charity. An organizer, Jax Higginson, said, “This event isn’t about looking good. It’s about taking a risk, celebrating our unique bodies, being close to nature, raising money for charity, and maybe even breaking a world record.” This statement in and of itself combines donor self-interest with charity, which is listed third.

It did attract 300 people, but the Dip failed at breaking the naked charity swim world record of 800 participants in Miami, Florida. (We consider this to be a meteorologically unfair comparison.)

Anyway, for testimony from one participant, a staid looking lady wrapped safely in a towel for the interview, and some visuals of the event…click here. She says she enjoys being part of a naked group frolicking in the chilly waves.—Ruth McCambridge