January 26, 2012; Source: Fox News | Last week, NPQ reported that Second Mile, the organization rocked by the sex abuse scandal associated with Jerry Sandusky, had made the decision to sell a property on which it was to have built a “Center for Excellence.”

This move prompted businessman Lance Shaner, a former member of the Second Mile board of trustees, to ask the charity for his money back. New Second Mile CEO David Woodle responded with a letter indicating that Shaner was not the only one to have made such a request/demand. Woodle replied by writing that Second Mile would return Shaner’s funds “just as soon as it can obtain the necessary approvals from the Pennsylvania Attorney General and the appropriate court.”

Perhaps in an effort to move that process along, Shaner has file suit to have $250,000 in donations towards the “Center for Excellence” project returned to him, also naming the office of the Pennsylvania attorney general in the lawsuit (the state has put a $3 million grant for the proposed facility on hiatus).At this point, Second Mile is apparently trying to figure out whether it should change its name and continue operating, move all of its programs to another group, or call it quits. –Ruth McCambridge