Next week, starting on December 24th, we will be running a special feature each day to usher out this past year and ring in the next. Frankly, this has been an exhausting but sometimes exhilarating year that never allowed for an idle moment—and when we look back, we see this reflected in our content. So, next week, we will bring you the following as our end-of-year gifts:

  • Tuesday, December 26th: NPQ’s top 40 articles of 2017. Wait till you see what leads the list!
  • Wednesday, December 27th: NPQ’s top 12 webinars. A buffet of knowledge!
  • Thursday, December 28th: The Top 10 Trends of 2017. May we bid a not-so-fond adieu to some of them while vowing to keep others alive!
  • Friday, December 29th: A heartfelt expression of admiration and continuing commitment to you, which is the note on which the best year-end celebrations finish.

On at least one of those days, or perhaps even right now, you can hit the donate button. Today, what NPQ could really use are donations of $1.000 or more that we could use as challenges for next week—because that’s the only way we’ll hit our fundraising goal. We really do need your support to keep bringing you the stories and resources that help you and all of your nonprofits in our work!