November 5, 2010; Source: The Journal | This story from West Virginia might just make me start hanging around my local convenience stores (more than I already do). For the second time recently, a lottery winner has given big to local charity.

This time, Randy Smith a 63-year-old former county sheriff in West Virginia won the $79 million Powerball jackpot and decided that it was time to give back to the place he calls home, giving $5 million, the largest ever single donation to the Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation. Smith also plans to continue caring for a disabled sister and to replace a car, which has 150,000 miles on it.

Grants from the W. Randy Smith Family Foundation are expected to be directed to homelessness and human welfare. To top the story off, the $100,000 that the convenience store received for selling the ticket will also be donated to charity by the owners, Roach Energy.—Ruth McCambridge