Image courtesy of Warren K. Leffler, U.S. News & World Report Magazine, via Wikimedia Commons

December 2, 2019; Chalkbeat

NPQ has been closely following the re-segregation of America’s schools. More than 50 years after the historic Supreme Court ruling which declared that separate schools can never be equal, early gains from integration in the 1950s and 1960s have increasingly been reversed.  Disturbingly, it seems this is not just the result of integration being very hard to get right; rather, it appears to be the failure of the of the federal government to stand strongly behind the law of the land and make integration a priority.

Recently, Chalkbeat examined the fate of the most recent federal attempt to right this wrong. Near the end of his tenure, President Obama’s secretary of education, John King, helped launch a small program for desegregation. $12 million, a paltry sum, was allocated to help local districts research and develop their approaches to increasing the integration of their schools. (It might be worth noting that there are more