During my research of a story yesterday, my subject suggested to me that I not cover the story because the organization in question is in alignment with my own political leanings (sigh).

I suggested in response that not following up on a story regarding an organization that we like would be a violation of journalistic ethics—and he basically said, “Journalism, schmernalism, let me tell you what you should be covering!”

And the irony is, his behavior really could not have been a worse attempt at dissuasion of further investigation. (A friend of mine made a point to me long ago that there are some things people do that have the exact opposite effect of what was intended. For instance, when someone tries to save face, he or she often loses it in the process.)

In any event, ethical questions abound in all of our work, and we would love to hear yours!

Is your board hinky? Are staff asking you to do things you are not comfortable with? Is your supervisor gossiping inappropriately with you? Have you been asked to keep a secret that is begging to be told?

If you have an ethical dilemma itching to be resolved, the Nonprofit Ethicist not only stands at the ready to answer your question but will also help you respond to your ethical conundrum in a way that keeps you on the right side of karma.