I’m interested – for those of you who are paying attention to Occupy Wall Street – in what you think is happening. Are we at a tipping point indicating the dawn of a new era, or is this just a flash mob like any other – without the potential sustainability to spark real structural change.


We’d love to get your comments here.


I think (and hope) it is the former.


In my little town there have been any number of foreclosures. Property values have plummeted. The house across the street from me that used to house a young family was for sale, but when there were no takers at all it was rented out “until the market returns.” “Reduced price” signs abound, indicating a significant loss of assets. And I live in a state where the economy is relatively healthy compared to the rest of the country.


My neighborhood is made up of blue-collar people who have worked very hard for their little plots of land. The machinations and failures of our financial systems (tax, banks) and other institutions (health, education) have left many families on the brink of disaster, while those at the top of the asset pile are accumulating wealth at a mind-boggling rate.


It is my feeling that these kinds of unbalanced trends have to right themselves at some point, and that when that begins to happen there is a loose coalition that begins to build itself -rather than be built.


But this is about you. What do you think about Occupy Wall Street? How does it strike you? Let us know.