© Melissa Bunni Elian / Ford Foundation President Darren Walker

January 21, 2016; Ford Foundation

A few weeks ago, Darren Walker of the Ford Foundation announced an online exhibition of sorts on inequality, seeding the space with some videos from notables. At the same time, he sent out a request for people to contribute to a Twitter “conversation” using the hashtag #InequalityIs. We thought we’d visit there yesterday to see what the response was, but we never made it to the bottom of the long stream of civil society tweets—befittingly from all over the world. We have reproduced some of them here, but encourage you to go to browse and participate yourselves.

The tweets speak to the variety of ways that inequality shows up in education, water availability, the environment, housing, policing and criminal justice, employment and wages, access to Internet and other technology, and reproductive rights, to name a few. Of course, it is Twitter, so calling it a conversation is a stretch. It is more just snippets of sadness, data and commitment to change, but with a central energy flowing through it all.