Here’s a gift for you as we go into fundraising season. How many times in the past few years have you been informed of donors’ increasing and overwhelming interest in efficiency?

We here at the Nonprofit Quarterly live to debunk such pap. Personally, I know quite a few individual donors and foundation officers — and this is not their motivating consideration. But it’s hard to counter the efficiency tidal wave with personal experience. Now comes this research by Peter Frumkin, proving that contributors care more about our concentration on Mission than about our efficiency.

Let us know what you think and how this work impacts on your practice. Your comments and stories are hugely helpful to us.

Strategic Positioning and the Financing of Nonprofit Organizations: Is Efficiency Rewarded in the Contributions Marketplace?
Peter Frumkin
For everyone concerned about how to best communicate with potential donors and funders, this research is an important contribution that gives a clear view of what people are really responsive to – and sounds a warning bell about the perils of the efficiency game.

Reasons for Being Supported by a Broad Range of Donors
Kim Klein
This is really a fundraising manifesto! In this short, sweet but powerful article Kim Klein frames the philosophical and practical reasons for building a diverse funding base for your organization.

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