Girl Scout Samoas Waffles With Coconut Caramel Sauce,” Domestic Fits

October 28, 2020; CNBC

If they didn’t really know how they felt about the whole thing, maybe the the Girl Scouts should have kept their own counsel on the matter of Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Instead, they issued a congratulatory tweet that elicited a good deal of backlash along with a modicum of support. In the end, they deleted said tweet with a milquetoast cheer for themselves: “We are neither red nor blue, but Girl Scout GREEN. We are here to lift up girls and women.”

Lifting up one woman at the possible expense of the rights of many others, however, did not sit well with their community for the most part. The comments flew fast and furious under the post.

  • “This post is insanely tone-deaf from a female-centered organization to celebrate a woman who believes that we should have our rights stripped.”
  • “This is not an appointment to celebrate for women. She does not support women’s rights at all.”
  • “She goes against so much of what Girl Scouts stands for—very disappointed in this. This appointment is nothing for girls or women to celebrate.”
  • “Amy Coney Barrett does not represent what I always thought the girl scouts stood for. As a former girl scout this makes me incredibly sad.”

Eventually, both the post on Facebook and the tweet and all attendant comments were deleted by the GSA, prompting a spate of screen shots for easy access.

One comment that struck our fancy came from a woman who has perhaps been in the house too long: “I’m going to spend my $100 Girl Scout Cookie budget on ingredients to make my own next year.” Everyone knows you cannot replicate those Thin Mints. They are authentic; the Girl Scouts, however, may be moving to more of a waffle kind of offering.—Ruth McCambridge