I know Ruth McCambridge, you know Ruth McCambridge, and I’m sure we agree that I’m no Ruth McCambridge. Our editor-in-chief is on a well-deserved vacation, so I’m a temporary and hopefully reasonable facsimile that will suffice for you until the real McCoy, I mean the real McCambridge, returns. 

In any case, I checked my LinkedIn account this morning and discovered that the Council on Foundations is soliciting input on the attributes and qualifications the Council should look for in a replacement for Steve Gunderson, whose last day at the helm of the foundation trade association is today.

I’ll guess that the Council would prefer input from Council members or foundations in general, not from regular old nonprofits, but wouldn’t it be great if the Council wanted to hear from nonprofits that receive support from foundations (not to mention nonprofits that don’t)? And what if the Council really incorporated nonprofits’ suggestions in its search proces