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There is no doubt that charitable giving is facing considerable of uncertainty right now, but where did giving stand at the outset of the current crisis, and what context and insight can that provide for our present environment? What happened to giving in 2019 in terms of how much various fields received and from what sources?

On June 18th, Dr. Patrick Rooney of the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at IUPUI and Laura MacDonald, the vice chair of Giving USA™, came together to discuss the results. Given the changes to the economy since January 2020, the 2019 data themselves only tell us so much, but by looking too at data from before 2019 and informed speculation about this year, a clearer picture emerges, as both Rooney and MacDonald share their insights.

Part of this session is also devoted to issues and trends not addressed in detail in the report—the loss of donor households in the middle- to low-income range, and current proposals for tax deductions for charitable giving.

Among other things, viewers will learn:

  • How much of what kinds of charitable dollars are going to various fields of practice (e.g., arts and culture, health, etc.)
  • What major changes are going on with how charitable money flows to nonprofits
  • What all of this means for your development practices


  • Dr. Patrick Rooney, Professor of Economics and Philanthropic Studies, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Indiana University
  • Laura MacDonald, Principal and Founder, Benefactor

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