March 6, 2012; Source: Fox News

Some are fond of saying that there is no dirty money if you do good things with it, but this situation may convince them otherwise. A business that sells walking tours of the places serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer went to find his victims has tried to provide a donation out of its profits to the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children (NOPMC). NOPMC has not only refused the money but plans to e-mail its 200,000 members to alert them to the business that Bam Marketing and Media is in. “It’s unbelievable that someone has come up with a moneymaker off those who have been murdered,” said Nancy Ruhe, the executive director of NOPMC.

Amanda Morden of Bam Marketing and Media said that they don’t glorify Dahmer and seems to suggest that the tour is merely informational. Despite the fact that she is getting many e-mails from members of NOPMC, Morden says the agency still plans an anonymous donation. –Ruth McCambridge