August 26, 2013; Global Voices Online


The number of experiments going on in the nonprofit journalism space is dizzying, and here is the latest from Brazil. Publica, a nonprofit producing investigative reporting, has launched a crowdfunding effort to create a pool of money, which will be awarded to ten independent reporters for investigative projects chosen by the public. This will support the independent reporters while increasing the participation of the public, and according to Natalia Viana, director of Publica,

“The work will go in the opposite direction from conventional news sources: they deny information to the public, making it available only to those who pay for it; we ask for money from some people in order to provide independent information for everyone else.”

The reports will be published online on Publica with a Creative Commons license, will be compiled in an ebook to go to investors, and will be offered for re-publishing by others.—Ruth McCambridge