The Nonprofit Quarterly is proud to present the Cohen Report.

The Cohen Report will be the primary outlet for NPQ's work on the policy, politics, regulations, and enforcement issues facing the sector; it features Rick Cohen as editor. As you know, Rick recently joined NPQ from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy where he was known as a national resource on these issues for media, policy makers, foundations, and nonprofits. 

Now we bring the Cohen Report directly to your in-box.

Here's what to expect: Every two weeks, you'll see an issue of the Cohen Report in your email containing at least one major hard-hitting article along with a number of short pieces on current issues affecting or threatening the well being of nonprofits and the communities they serve. If you know Cohen's work, you know that what you get may range from an original pull-no-punches investigation, to a review of regulatory or policy proposals, to a look at foundation practices. This material will be released to you at the same time we release it to the press.

You are probably familiar with Cohen's past articles on such topics as the Katrina response; the abuse of philanthropy by political figures;  the threat to nonprofit advocacy and free speech rights in the Fannie/Freddie housing trust fund legislation;  the 9/11-related restrictions in the Combined Federal Campaign challenged by the ACLU; the impacts of 9/11 on nonprofit fundraising; one of the earliest critiques of the failure of foundations to provide general operating support grants; and most recently, a look at the nonprofit bona fides of the freshman class of the 110th Congress.
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