NPQ used to have this tagline we’d use sometimes: “We are who we are because of you.” That phrase reflected our dependence on you as part of our core intelligence.

I was talking to a colleague running a publication the other day, and he said something like, “Well, you wouldn’t want your readers telling you what to write.”

But that is precisely what we want. After all, it is their needs to which we want to respond—and along the way, we also do a lot of provocation aimed at goosing the field forward.

In fact, we want our very smart and grounded readers to help us write the content we send out each and every weekday, which is why we have a cadre of volunteer newswire writers. Because most of them are direct practitioners, they know soup to nuts about the dynamics of arts organizations, the new pacing and orientations and tools of movements, and the issues of not just rural but frontier areas. It is this kind of deep knowledge, the knowledge that you have and we have collectively, that makes our work resonate.

So that brings us to our request: We would love to have you join NPQ as a volunteer newswire writer. We hear that for the right folks, the experience is not only fun but rewarding; it keeps your thinking (and ours) right at the cutting edge of practice. It’s a discipline that keeps you at the forefront of the critical issues of this rich sector.

So if you are interested in joining us as a newswire writer, send a note to [email protected] and she will get right back to you. And we hope to be working with you soon!