November 16, 2010; Source: Kodiak Daily Mirror | All over the country people are pitching in to help their neighbors. In Kodiak, Alaska, the Alaska Whitefish Trawlers Association has just made what it hopes will be the first in a series of donations to the Food Bank of Alaska through SeaShare, a nonprofit specializing in donations of seafood.

Apparently, one of the wives of the fishermen heard a report about SeaShare on “Fish Radio”—a short syndicated seafood industry radio broadcast. She was surprised to find out that no one in Kodiak was yet involved. The donation was not just an easy handover though, shipping and processing partners had to be found and regulations had to be met. In the end the Trawlers partnered with Trident Seafoods, Alaska Pacific Seafoods, and Carlile Transportation Systems to donate fish that would otherwise have been saleable.

Now that they have laid the groundwork, the fishermen plan to continue and will extend their donation to include bycatch—fish caught but not legal for sale, that would otherwise have to be thrown back. NPQ loves stories like these that reveal the unique ways people become involved depending upon where and how they live.—Ruth McCambridge