The Urban Institute has posted audio from the Nonprofit Quarterly co-sponsored “Life Spans of Charitable Foundations:  Arguments for and Against an Assumption of Perpetuity.” Click here to visit the Urban Institute’s page and download the audio file.

Dr. Francie Ostrower, University of Texas at Austin
“Limited Life Foundations: Motivations, Experiences and Strategies” draws on survey data on over 800 private foundations with varied longevity plans, and in-depth interviews with 31 foundations that have considered or plan termination.

Arthur “Buzz” Schmidt, GuideStar / F.B. Heron Foundation
Escaping the Perpetuity Mindset Trap, argues that an assumption of perpetuity may blind many charitable foundations from achieving optimal social impact. Schmidt makes a number of arguments about deployment strategies for foundation assets that may potentially have more impact over the long term.


Virginia Esposito, President
National Center for Family Philanthropy

Adam Meyerson, President
Philanthropy Roundtable