April 13, 2011; Source: Rockford Register Star | From soup kitchens and homeless shelters to free medical clinics and retirement homes, nonprofit agencies do a tremendous amount of good across the United States, according to the Rockford Register Star in Rockford, Ill. The Register Star goes on to say that these groups, along with country clubs, museums, economic development organizations, and others, are crucial economic drivers of the region.

In effort to keep tabs on these groups, the Register Star is tracking and publishing monthly the key financial data of the region’s largest locally based nonprofits (PDF).

All of the data the newspaper has collected is free and open for the public to see. By providing it in one easily accessible place the Register Star is doing their part to ensure accountability among our ranks.

I would love to see a similar document created for public officials and campaign finance data for example. But kudos to the Register Star.—Aaron Lester