November 18, 2010; Source: Forbes | Lincoln Center has seven billionaires on its board, MOMA has twelve, Mount Sinai Medical Center has eight, and the Inward Investor Fund Partnership of New York City has nine. I guess if you want a couple or ten billionaires on your board, New York City is the place to be. This article from Forbes pretty much states the obvious—these guys are good for more than just what they give directly and it is generally good for an organization’s balance sheet to have a bunch of these guys connected to your endeavor . . . but where can we find one of our own? This article names a number of the more prolific board sitters, including financier Henry Kravis who sits on 10 boards around town. The various consultants quoted in this article drop words of wisdom like pearls advising, for instance, that billionaires are the cornerstones of a nonprofit’s fundraising calendar. Sigh! Anyway, check here for a who’s who of the civic minded super-rich.—Ruth McCambridge