A few weeks ago, NPQ debuted the new, improved, and up-to-date version of its website.

I want to point out a few new features to you but each of them holds its own value, so I will do so over the course of a three-week period.

This first week, I want to talk about a new section on the site designed to help you track topics in the news that are actively developing. These story clusters can be found about halfway down the page under the heading Trending Topics. Right now, the categories are “SCOTUS Decisions & The Aftermath,” “Art and Technology,” and “Online Giving,” but the topics will rotate weekly.

As we get started, NPQ staff will handle the curation of this section, but eventually our newswire writers will take on the periodic role of “guest curators” to address issues and areas they follow. So, for instance, stories in the category of Art and Technology have followed one on another for the past few years, and four or five of our writers have followed the continuing developments in museums, at symphonies, and elsewhere. Those writers are very often working in the arts, themselves and have a native knowledge of what is important to fellow practitioners.

Through Trending Topics, we can collect a number of the most recent and relevant news stories in one place. From time to time, we may also mix in a feature-length article if it offers some deeper explanation.

This new section is part of our effort to create ways for you to easily follow a single story over time, even when it happens in different places and evidences itself in a variety of forms. It’s meant to provide a view of trends evolving over time, complete with a certain amount of historical context. The current state of the Trending Topics section is just a start toward what it will ultimately be, but we would welcome your feedback on this concept as it stands today.

Let us know what you think!