August 3, 2010; Source: The Telegraph | Maybe it’s time to start a new entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the all-time highest paid performance for a charity event. If so, that spot will be held—and likely for some time—by Tom Jones. According to the British newspaper, The Telegraph, the Welsh singer collected some nearly $5 million for a 90-minute performance at the 62nd Red Cross Ball in Monaco last week in Monaco. Before you start hissing and booing, take note of the following. Citing reports from another newspaper, The Telegraph says Jones gave back most of his fee to the charity, which was raising money for victims of floods in Tanzania and the earthquake in Haiti. The event, which cost some $26,000 a head to attend, took in $15 million. As for Jones’ performance, one person connected with the fundraiser, said, “He was worth every euro.” Let’s hope so.—Bruce Trachtenberg