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October 4, 2010; Source: Richmond BizSense | The struggle for organizational control for the Comfort Zone Camp—a small bereavement camp for children in Richmond, Va.—is being played out in a very public way on the social networking site, Facebook.

The group’s founder, Lynn Hughes, apparently agreed to give up her position as CEO in February of this year after some management concerns were identified in the midst of a growth campaign but stayed on as president.

But by September she had reconsidered and asked to be reinstated. The board rejected that request and sent out a letter to justify their position, likely in anticipation of charged questions and concerns from stakeholders. What has ensued is a public tug of war between Hughes’s supporters and supporters of the board’s position.

At risk, apparently are some donor relationships. These kinds of situations seem to be appearing with a little more regularity in the news. Not good news. Is it just that all our work is made more transparent by social media or are these incidents more prevalent?—Ruth McCambridge

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