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Ben Davis on the Museum Bubble
Aug 5, 2009; CBS News Blog | It’s also true in the art world that the less privileged are harder hit in times of economic depression, as Davis points out.  Unsurprising news to managers of small nonprofits, perhaps, but one of the revelations of the museum bubble is that big institutions attract big bucks, and there’s little left over for the rest of us – even when there’s massive irresponsibility in handing those funds, and the deleterious social effects are easily seen.  —James David Morgan

Arts Programs in Academia are Forced to Nip Here, Adjust There
Aug 9, 2009; The New York Times | Departments across the nation are being scaled back, prompting the provocative lead to this article, which suggests that UCLA’s art and architecture school may be forced to hold a bake sale to raise funds.  —James David Morgan

Nonprofit Quarterly Goes on Staff Retreat
Aug 11, 2009; NPQ | We’re taking the day to focus on the upcoming year.  Share stories and advice for making the best of your staff retreat in the comments below.  —James David Morgan

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