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‘All Fake’: Key Madoff Executive Admits Guilt
Aug 12, 2009; Wall Street Journal | We have written about the impact of the Madoff scandal on foundations and nonprofits in the past, noting with disbelief the contention of Bernard Madoff and his family that only the old guy knew, the kids and the employees were clueless and innocent.  Here one of Madoff’s chief lieutenants admits that he knew all along how they were defrauding their investors including obviously scads of nonprofits.  Now, the questions are, how long will it take for others in the Madoff nest to come clean?  And will these admissions of complicity and fraud enable nonprofit investors to recoup their lost resources and sent more of the Madoff ring to jail?  —Rick Cohen

Group Links Nonprofits, Building Owners
Aug 13, 2009; | profiles Group Realtors and, an organization that connects nonprofits in need of office space with vacant properties.  Typically the buildings are unwanted, or are owned by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (read: foreclosed).  While some receive donated buildings or empty land plots, and the realtors are doing good work, the idea of moving a socially-minded organization into a foreclosed home is unethical twice over.  Better to revisit Gabriella DiFilippo and Tanya Vartivarian’s advice from our Fall 2008 issue and consider your relationship to the facilities you require.  —James David Morgan

Fairbanks Dog Park fetches $13,000 grant
Aug 12, 2009; Daily News-Miner | We loved the philanthropic headline.  —Rick Cohen

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