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The Resiliency of Rural America
Aug 18, 2009; Thought>Action>Impact | Jeff Pryor of the Anschutz Family Foundation has an article in the e-newsletter of the Council on Foundations to describe some things foundations can do to boost rural America.  The most important part of this piece to our thinking is Pryor’s reference to his foundation’s vanguard role in Colorado’s Rural Philanthropy Days.  This biannual gathering of foundations in Colorado has achieved something that lots of rural philanthropy conferences don’t and really aren’t intended to do.  The Rural Philanthropy Days gatherings have consistently ended up generating more foundation grant dollars going to parts of the state.  That’s real money, not talk, conferences, or glossy reports.  Rural areas fundamentally need more foundation money.  Rural Philanthropy Days is one distinctive effort that doesn’t try to substitute talk for the foundation dollars that rural areas really need.  —Rick Cohen

D.C. Arts Program Picks Up the Pieces
Aug 19, 2009; Washington Post | The headquarters of acclaimed arts empowerment nonprofit Life Pieces to Masterpieces was vandalized this weekend.  Damages – totaling $10,000 – are quickly being repaired, as students are due back today.  —James David Morgan

Local charity questions validity of Clunkers for Kids
Aug 13, 2009; Naples Daily News | You knew this was going to happen, right?  Some guy named Robert Raiche sent out a bunch of press release from a Boston MA location saying that Boys and Girls Clubs in Florida were looking for donations of “clunker cars” to raise money.  The obvious ploy is that donors might think their clunkers donated to Boys and Girls Clubs through this guy would get them a $4,500 payment through the federal government’s Cash for Clunkers program or somehow be able to deduct $4,500 from their taxes as a charitable donation, as opposed to the legal requirement of only deducting the charitable value of the donated car.  The Boys and Girls Clubs nationally and in Florida claim to have no connection to this guy.  When people call Raiche’s office, he answers the phone as “‘charities for children” or “clunker campaign.”  In response to a reporter’s question, Raiche said his company (Raiche and Associates) was “nonprofit, but it’s profit making,” though he later said that his firm was a “private corporation”—of course, nonprofits are private corporations.  Ingenuity.  —Rick Cohen

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