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Earlier scandal won’t stop millions for a Hillsborough nonprofit agency
Aug 16, 2009; St. Petersburg Times
| In our continuing effort to monitor nonprofits that are using federal stimulus funds, we found this piece on the Tampa Hillsborough Action Plan, whose former ED ended up in federal prison (along with the City’s housing chief) 8 years ago.  The current ED for THAP was COO under the now-incarcerated former boss, and she wasn’t exactly immune from criticism, having placed family members on the payroll and been in the position of approving the contracts and payments that landed her boss in the pokey (she eventually testified against him). Now, THAP is receiving a stimulus grant of $6.5 million in weatherization funds.  A city council member immediately visited THAP to check on the former COO and came away impressed that the once troubled organization now had financial policies and practices (and a new board) that will, one hopes, help keep the organization out of trouble.  It would be good to see THAP succeed as an example of a nonprofit that went through big time trouble and set itself right.  —Rick Cohen

“Putpockets” give a little extra cash
Aug 19, 2009; Reuters | Ex-pickpockets have been hired by the UK-based telecommunications coporation TalkTalk to slip notes ranging from £5 to £20 in peoples’ pockets.  The police-approved campaign, which will go national this month, will have distributed £100,000 by the time it ends. In nonprofit parlance, would we call this “ad campaign philanthropy?”  —James David Morgan

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