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The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireFoundations: Free those Assets!

August 20, 2010; Wall Street Journal | A New York-based philanthropist is advocating for an increase of the 5 percent foundation payout minimum, or alternatively for a “sunset clause” that would require foundations to spend down within a predetermined span of time.—Ruth McCambridge


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireHow Tax Exempt Are You?

August 18, 2010; Huffington Post | Municipalities throughout Illinois are looking at nonprofit property owners as potential sources of tax revenues.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireBritish Adoption Agency Told It Can’t Discriminate Against Gays

August 19, 2010; | Catholic Care, which had asked for exemption from the United Kingdom’s equality laws, now says it may be forced to close its adoption services rather than change its policies.—Bruce Trachtenberg


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireTaxman Wants to Collect from Church That Closed

August 19, 2010; Boston Globe | The town of Whitman, Mass., sent the local Baptist church the first tax bill it has ever received in 188 years.—Bruce Trachtenberg


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireWGBH Hopes to Make Cuts and Restructure Jobs

August 19, 2010; Boston Globe | In the past year the nationally prominent public radio and television broadcaster’s endowment has fallen from $64 million to $57 million.—Ruth McCambridge


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireSee What a Buck Can Buy

August 18, 2010; The Gazette | A commission charged with figuring out the future of Colorado City’s city-owned Memorial Health System has been asking other cities about their experience converting from public to nonprofit hospital status.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireRight Meets Left—Either Way Watch Out for the Taxman

August 19, 2010; Chico News Service | It was sort of inevitable that far right wing and far left wing elements of the political spectrum would come full circle and meld into a gelatinous ideological union at their intersection.—Rick Cohen








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