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Study reveals that patient care is better in nonprofit nursing homes than in for-profit nursing homes
Aug 20, 2009; The Medical News
| In many industries where nonprofits and for profits share the market, there has been decades of ongoing research to try to determine whether nonprofits provide any advantage to the people served or the market in general. In health care this is a particularly apropos discussion right now as proposals for nonprofit and government alternatives are floated to fill out the marketplace. This study of studies, then, which finds that the quality of care appears to be better in nonprofit nursing homes over their for profit counterparts, comes at an interesting time.  —Ruth McCambridge

Pitt says ‘no’ to LA Fitness killer’s bequest of $225,000
Aug 18, 2009; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | The University of Pittsburgh was bequeathed nearly a quarter million by LA Fitness gunman George Sodini, whose recent shooting spree ended in four deaths and nine injuries. The school’s $2.25 billion endowment has slipped over the past year, in addition to state budget cuts that pulled more than 11.3 million of the government dollars off the table.  The school lost $500 million last December alone, prompting Pitt to seek stimulus funds, which the Governor denied while scaling back the state school budget another 13%.  Needless to say, Pitt is standing on ethical ground even when times are tough.  —James David Morgan

Small necessities: Nonprofit opens secondhand boutique to help provide inexpensive baby items
Aug 21, 2009; | Not surprisingly, we are hearing reports of sales at thrift shops being up due to the down economy, and about people giving more material goods like clothing. Mountain Home Montana in Missoula has taken the opportunity to open their own thrift and consignment shop, specializing in baby stuff. Proceeds will help fund a transitional housing facility for pregnant and new mothers.  —Ruth McCambridge

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