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Mpls. nonprofit gets $3M in stimulus funds
Jul 31, 2009; Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal | The nonprofit Minnesota Environmental Initiative has scored $3 million from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in stimulus funding to retrofit buses, trucks, and other diesel-using vehicles.  It’s important to keep track of what nonprofits are doing with stimulus funds.  We will keep tabulating what we find here on NPQ’s Newswire.  —Rick Cohen

E-Mail, Facebook, and IM top Link-Sharing List
Jul 20, 2009; Lifehacker | A study conducted by AddToAny, makers of those popular link-sharing widgets you see on websites everywhere, claim Facebook is the #1 place users share links, but according to this informal poll on Lifehacker, e-mail leads the way, followed by instant messaging.  Does your website have a button for sharing content?  It should. —James David Morgan

Advocates: Hiring ex-cons leads to economic payoff
Jul 29, 2009; AP | This story describes all too briefly the yeoman work of nonprofits such as Chicago’s Safer Foundation and New York’s Center for Employment Opportunities trying to find work for people released from prison.  The “prisoner re-entry” issue goes largely unaddressed in most localities.  The nonprofits that are doing prisoner re-entry work regarding jobs and housing and benefits deserve plaudits for their diligence.  To its credit, the Obama Administration has been attentive to this issue, but it requires local systems and collaborations to make prisoner re-entry programs successful.  —Rick Cohen

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