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The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireFreelancers on the Rise But Payments Often Go Missing

August 29, 2010; Crain's New York Business | The problem of delayed payments to its members has become serious enough that the nonprofit Freelancers Union in New York State has taken out subway ads and have set up a website where contractors can “out” deadbeat clients.—Ruth McCambridge


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireRetroactive Regulatory Nightmare for LA Marijuana Dispensaries

August 29, 2010; Los Angeles Times | If you want to sell medical marijuana in Los Angeles, you have to operate as a nonprofit—that's for certain. Beyond that, when it comes to complying with very restrictive, if not bizarre rules, good luck.—Ruth McCambridge


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireIs Nonprofit Hospital Chain Using Market Clout to Raise Prices?

August 26, 2010; Bloomberg BusinessWeek | Some nonprofits aren't all that nonprofit-y. According to BusinessWeek, Sutter Health, a nonprofit that owns Sutter Davis Hospital in California, charges 40 to 70 percent more than its nonprofit and for-profit rivals for typical medical procedures.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireNonprofits Refine Pitch for Donor Dollars

August 27, 2010; The Business Review | "Gone are the days when corporate donors wrote checks for the 'nice' programs or the 'cute' girls," according to the CEO and chief fundraiser for Girls Inc. of the Capital Region.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireWhy Are Hispanics Underrepresented on Boards?

August 28, 2010; Dallas Morning News | The lack of concerted effort on recruiting and placing Latinos on foundation boards exacerbates the problem.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireFoundation Scholarships Failing to Make the Grade

August 29, 2010; Dallas News | The discovery that a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Dallas awarded scholarships worth $20,000 from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to four relatives and a top aide's two children is raising more questions about the charity's operations.—Bruce Trachtenberg


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