July 12, 2010; Source: Vancouver Sun | The outlook for charitable giving in Vancouver, British Columbia appears to be improving, but so far, only the larger nonprofits have reason to be hopeful. For smaller charities, and arts organizations in particular, the picture isn’t quite as promising, and worries about their fundraising prospects persist.

According to the Vancouver Sun, larger charities such as the B.C. Cancer Foundation, the United Way of the Lower Mainland, and the David Suzuki Foundation are more optimistic than they were a year ago. But their smaller counterparts haven’t seen a turnaround yet. Catherine Clement, vice-president of communications for the Vancouver Foundation, told the Vancouver Sun that the struggle for funds for smaller charities, especially ones focused on arts, continues.

Clement also cautions that even those nonprofits seeing some improvements might hold off from celebrating a little longer. “When people aren’t worried about their jobs, they’re more likely to give,” she said. “But if we go into this double-dip recession, you may find people start pulling back again.” The newspaper notes that in 2009, more than half of B.C. charities suffered a decline in revenues. Hardest hit were those with revenues less than $150,000.—Bruce Trachtenberg