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February 13, 2010; Orlando Sentinel | Florida’s Blood Centers is in hot water again for a lack of transparency and they probably should have seen this one coming. The organization was challenged by the Health Regulation Committee of the Florida Legislature in January for doing millions of dollars worth of business with board members. FBC, with an annual budget in excess of $100 million, had been called to answer for these transgressions—a more costly than standard business model—before. At the time the FBC Chief Administrator, Ann Chinoda declared herself the champion of a new transparent day. But when an FBC spokeswoman was recently asked about Chinoda’s own compensation package in the wake of a lay off of 42 employees largely from front line positions, she declined to answer. Admittedly, FBC may be in a difficult spot, having lost more than $2 million last year. And they may have needed to outsource those jobs but the salaries of blood banks in Florida have generally been under scrutiny and the loss of so many jobs is these days a potentially very public act. Here is an observation—when you feel your operating environment heating up in terms of public perception, consider your messages carefully. The conflicts of interest at this organization had reportedly been occurring for decades. If you want people to believe that a new day has dawned, you have to let the sun shine in.—Ruth McCambridge

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