June 21, 2010; Source: Belfast Telegraph | When it comes to donating to charity, it doesn’t get much easier—or more enjoyable—than this. Any time a visitor to a new UK website, fairsharemusic.com, downloads individual tracks of music or entire albums, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Individual tracks range from $1.17 to $1.47 and albums cost as little as $6.00. Currently the website features some 8.5 million tracks. Among the charities that the site currently supports include Amnesty International, the British Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund and Oxfam. Music buyers can either designate one of the charities listed on the site to receive donations or they can ask that their share from purchase be spread among all the charities. Individuals can also recommend charities to be part of the program.

One of the group’s founders, music industry veteran Lee Canon, says the download site “is designed to help charities connect with a new demographic and give music fans the opportunity to give while they get without it costing them a penny extra—it’s a win-win.” He also said he hopes that fairmusicshare.com changes “the way people think about giving.”—Bruce Trachtenberg