July 20, 2010; Source: San Antonio Business Journal | For all the philanthropic foundations struggling to figure out how to make grants to minority-led nonprofits, here is an example of corporate philanthropy that does just that. Clear Channel Radio has a partnership underway with the nonprofit, Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, to increase minority ownership and management of broadcast properties.

Last year, Clear Channel donated AM radio stations in Laurel, Mississippi; Fort Smith, Arkansas; Wabasha, Minnesota; and North Augusta, South Carolina to the Council. The charge to the Council was to screen and select minority candidates to take ownership of these stations. This year, Clear Channel has donated two more stations to the Council, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Newton, New Jersey. Foundations would be well advised to look at and emulate Clear Channel’s admirable partnership with the Council as a straightforward model for getting resources to minority-led organizations.—Rick Cohen